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Last night I decorated my Christmas tree. I always get a real tree becuase I like the fresh smell of the pine needles and don't mind the extra vacuuming each day to clear them up from the floor.

This morning my daughter rang and I told her about my tree decorating efforts. I explained that I had tied the tinsel into bows on some of the branches. She was surprised because she said that bows were very fashionable this year and everyone was tieing bows on their trees!

Well, this is very unusual for me to be at the forefront of fashion and I was as surprised as she was. After our conversation I was thinking about it and it occurred to me that I must have subliminally picked up the idea of bows on trees. I have probably seen it every where, in the shops and on the television without realising it.

This happens all the time, you pick up information without realising it. You are bombarded by facts and figures and you do not even notice.

But you chose what you take in. Again without knowing it you are making choices all the time as to whether you will take on board the good stuff or the bad stuff. Depending on your current mindset or how you are feeling.

If your habit is to feel generally good about life, you will notice good things and if your habit is to generally feel bad, then you will notice the bad things and you will attract more of what you already have.

A suggestion is to start observing your surroundings. Are they good or bad. Try to form a habit of noticing only good stuff. There is always a positive side to situations and when you start to notice it your life will become settled and you will feel happy.

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