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Life is not meant to give you lemons, it is meant to give you cherries.

If you feel that life is somehow dealing you a bad deal, please start to reframe that thinking.

What ever your thoughts are is what your experience is.

Change your thoughts, change your life - that has been said before! If you stop to consider - all we have is our thoughts.

Whatever you think about a situation is what it is.

You can chose to look at your experiences in a positive way or a negative way. Most people do a bit of both. Ted Lasso teaches us about positivity. He also teaches us about difficult times. His over all attitude of refusing to be negative makes him a bit of a laughing stock but he is admirable in the way he takes life on and brings in his own refreshingly kind and optimistic way.

I am hoping that when we get to the end of Season 3 he will win out in the end because I truly believe that positivity is better than negativity.

If you don't know who Ted Lasso is you can google him. He is a fictional character in a tv show. But I find him inspirational.

We all have a Ted Lasso in us, but sometimes we prefer to be Victor Meldrew.

Being negative sometimes feels so much better than struggling to be positive but when you get into the habit of positivity, it is much more satisfying and the great thing is that once you start to be upbeat, life delivers you more of what you truly want. That is the magic of life.

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