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"This is going to be an amazing year". People always say that to each other on New Year's eve, don't they. How do they know. How will it be any better than last year?

When you remember back over the year, do you remember starting last year full of hope and feeling that things can only be better than last year?

It is great that we always have a sense of hope and new beginning other wise we might completely give up.

But there is a way to ensure that you always have a good year. And that is to be grateful for everything you have and everyone you know, whether they are your work colleagues or your family and friends.

If you look back over the last year through the eyes of gratitude, you will recognise all the wonderful things that happened to you. All the great people you met and all the gifts you received. Maybe you even bought a few gifts for yourself. On top of that you can be grateful for all the good deeds you did, all the fantastic work you did and the parties you made fun for everyone. There is always so much to be thankful for and when you focus on those things you cannot fail to have a good time.

It is a great tool to have up your sleeve. Use it whenever you start to feel a little unsure or insecure about life. Gratitude ensures that you always have a good time.

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